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UK labour market continues to shine despite the bleak Brexit backdrop

UK labour market continues to shine despite the bleak Brexit backdrop but may start to show signs of faltering.

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No-deal shakes sterling

Theresa May tries to maintain control of the Brexit process and face down the Cooper amendment, but threats of a no-deal bursts sterling’s bubble.

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Bank of England unlikely to budge, but room for a hawkish meeting

Thursday’s Bank of England meeting will likely see the central bank remain in a bit of a Brexit bind, but clarity over the recent downturn in economic data and the future of inflation could prove net hawkish for the market.

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Draghi is an optimistic dove

A new species has been discovered today in the Governing Council; the optimistic dove. European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi, once again displayed the variety of tones in his plume as he delivered a dovish message, but continuously guided the attention of the listener to the silver linings.

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Tonight’s vote a barometer for parliamentary appetite for May’s deal

If May’s boisterous reception in the commons and tweets from Tory MPs are to be believed, May is more likely to survive tonight’s vote than not. This appears to be the market’s base case, with sterling rallying slightly this morning towards the 1.26 handle against USD despite the possibility of utter disaster in the event May loses and the UK heads for a no-deal outcome.

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Brussels fudge for breakfast

The Brussels fudge that May and Juncker have served up this morning has gone down a treat for sterling. The pound is trading up against almost all major partners, and has reached a six month high against the euro. This morning’s deal looks like a classic eurozone can kicking exercise. It’s now clear that Britain […]

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Last evening’s price action proves that political risk remains a primary driver for sterling

Last evening’s price action once again showed the extent to which political risk remains a primary driver for sterling. Even though talks on substantive issues of trade have not even begun, and the Irish border remains a stumbling block, these initial signs of compromise from May are a very good sign and have given sterling […]

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Ranko Berich

Ranko Berich

Ranko Berich is Head of Market Analysis at Monex Europe & Monex Canada. He is a respected macroeconomic commentator, combining incisive market insight with a deep understanding of global economic and political events.

Ranko leads our team of analysts, providing commentary and insight on the markets as news breaks.

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