Key statistics


FX Group Turnover

Making foreign exchange and international payments worth $198bn a year as a group enables Monex Canada to leverage its purchasing power to ensure the most competitive pricing and service. Monex Canada accesses a pool of global liquidity providers including market makers, prime brokers and banks.



The Monex Group companies operate throughout North America, Europe and Asia with total assets of $5.2bn. The ultimate parent company (Monex SAB) is listed on the Mexican stock exchange (BMV: MONEXB).

As well as being one of the world’s largest commercial foreign exchange providers, the Monex Group of companies are also highly dynamic and one of the fastest growing financial services groups globally. Companies within the Monex Group are authorised to act in Mexico as a bank, broker dealer, mutual fund company and financial group; in the US as a broker dealer, investment advisor and money transmitter licenced in all states; in Canada as a money transmitter and in the UK as a payment institution.


Annual FX transactions

The Monex Group companies were responsible for 4,900,000 transactions in 2017; with a strong focus on efficient and flexible solutions to meet the changing needs of a diverse client base.

Monex Canada provides flexible forward facilities for clients looking to mitigate against future FX risks. Clients enjoy full flexibility to draw down from these contracts at any point and, at expiry, they can be rolled forward until delivery.

Monex Canada is able to authorise transactions by phone. Automated email confirmations provide seamless verification of each step of the process from placing a market order to trade execution, receipt and payment of funds.

Top 10

Bloomberg global currency forecaster since 2011

Monex Canada’s leading market commentary helps companies make accurate decisions in today’s volatile economic climate. Our analysts are consistently ranked among the world’s top currency forecasters by Bloomberg.

As well as its daily morning reports, Monex Canada provides timely domestic, international, and special economic reports and analysis to help clients make better informed trading decisions.

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