Monex API

Monex Canada provides a market-leading platform enabling clients to outsource both domestic and international payment processes via our API. Our financial technology solutions ensure our clients’ needs are met in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Our API has been built by developers for developers, designed to be easily integrated into your own existing systems as straightforward as possible. It works in tandem with your existing workflow, yet removes the complexity of international payment solutions.

Key Features

24/7 FX market access

Using secure end-to-end automation, clients gain unlimited access to the foreign exchange market, which is carefully risk-managed when markets are closed.

Security & risk management

Clients benefit from a number of risk management controls including automated transaction monitoring, PEP/sanction checking of beneficiaries and associated compliance procedures in a stringently regulated environment, efficiently handling your payments processes.

FX rates & liquidity

Take advantage of interbank FX rates with our transparent pricing and tap into our deep liquidity, whilst benefiting from low latency trading in the foreign exchange market, with access to over 60 currencies and a variety of payment methods.

Client portal

Our customisable client portal allows for full account management and includes important information for key stakeholders, MLRO and payments staff. The portal enables clients to monitor and analyse trading volumes, approved beneficiaries and access detailed reports.


We provide both client and developer support, with our experienced engineers on hand for any technical support you may need during and after the onboarding process.

API Technicals

Our REST trading API is designed to be easily integrated into your own existing systems, working in tandem with your existing workflow, yet removing the complexity of international payment solutions.


Our HTTP-based pre-written API code is built using REST architecture known for its fast performance, reliability and scalability.

Programming languages

The Monex API can be coded in many common programming languages, including C#, Java, Python and Go.

Developer portal

Our easy-to-navigate API developer portal gives access to comprehensive resources to help guide developers through the integration process, including a starter guide, tutorials, downloadable examples to test drive code and API reference documentation.

We offer a software development kit, while developers are able to fully test the API methods in our API sandbox (test environment) before going live.

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