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Proudly supporting their Mexican heritage, Monex is pleased to continue sponsoring the world’s first Mexican professional cycling teams in Europe – A.R. Monex.

Registered with the UCI International Cycling Union, A.R. Monex paves the way for future athletes in Mexico to compete at the highest level across the globe.

A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team presents the men’s and women’s teams for the 2024 European season

Earlier this year, A.R. Monex announced the road selection of 29 talented cyclists for the 2024 European season, running from March to October.

For the first time, A.R. Monex is proud to be competing with a Women’s Under-23 road team, comprised of 9 top athletes including Jackeline Tamez from Monterrey, with a Top 10 participation in the 2021 Track World Championship, and Romina Hinojosa, the National Under-23 Road Champion for 2023.

Participating in 43 events over the 7-month season, the Women’s Under-23 team will compete in a staggering 62 races across Italy, the Netherlands and the emblematic Tour de l’Avenir in France.

Additionally, the Men’s Under-23 team will participate in 31 events, with 72 race days across Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and France.

The Junior team, consisting of enthusiastic young athletes aged 17 to 18 years, will compete in 31 events in Italy, with 47 race days.


Towards more international wins

The previous season brought much success to A.R. Monex, in part due to the victories of Carlos García in the 4th stage of the Giro de Friuli and Michael Zárate’s Top 15 in the Giro di Puglia.

For this year’s season, A.R. Monex is bolstered by more cyclists of diverse talents and characteristics, many with international experience.

This paves the way for further development and projection of new talented athletes internationally to ultimately achieve the goal of competing in the top division of international cycling, better known as the World Tour, which includes the grand Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España.

Monex is a proud sponsor of the Mexican professional cycling team, that year after year have represented Mexico very well in the main competitions in Europe, the elite of cycling.

Highlighted Héctor Lagos, Chairman of Monex.

At Monex we are committed to promoting sports and the development of great athletes. Chairman of Monex, Héctor Lagos, and Monex’s Chief Executive Officer, Mauricio Naranjo, explain how they believe that through our A.R. programme, we will take steps towards achieving this goal in Mexico.

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